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What makes Zulfi Tech so unique is that we offer services in FIVE critical areas of business. We empower our clients, who outsource essential functions in business operations. You will receive expert advice and results without having to hire, manage and pay employees. Outsourcing allows small to mid-sized businesses the opportunity to outperform the competition.

FIVE Critical Functions:


1. Quotes and assigns Workers’ Compensation Classification Codes and Zulfi Tech Billing Rates
2. Maintains records of requested quotes
3. Processes Customer Set-Ups
4. Assists Payroll with the processing of New Customers
5. Ensures Customer set ups are complete, accurate, and timely
6. Ensures timely receipt of countersigned copies
7. Works with Credit and Collections to get funding in place for new customers
8. Assists Strategic Partnerships team and Contracts team

Zulfi Tech delivers payroll processing and administration services designed to meet your needs. This comprehensive service provides you with a turnkey payroll process. All you need to do is provide Zulfi Tech with employee changes and timecard information via telephone, fax, email, or internet.

1. Avionte Software with user friendly payroll entry and access to payroll reports
2. Online portal for reports and employee information
3. Access to payroll, human resources, census reports and invoices
4. Prepare, file and pay payroll taxes
5. Distribution ready payroll via checks, direct deposit or pay cards
6. Access to payroll, human resources, and census reports as well as invoices
7. Issue W2s
8. New hire reporting
9. Track PTO and sick/vacation time
10. I9 compliance and employment verification
11. Process garnishments and levies
12. SUTA/FUTA Drops at thresholds

1. Contract development, editing and review
2. Accurate quoting and classification
3. Quick and accurate pricing of new accounts
4. NCCI Scopes class code verification

Zulfi Tech provides your employees with several group medical options. We will administer the benefit plan that is selected by collecting and remitting the premiums, and coordinating enrollments. When employees have questions or concerns, we are here to help!

1. Medical, dental, vision, term life, and short-term disability coverage
2. Enhanced minimum essential coverage plan
3. National major medical coverage
4. Managed employee enrollment
5. COBRA administration
6. Section 125 cafeteria plan
7. ACA compliance
8. HIPAA compliant and knowledgeable
9. Employee enrollment
10. Section 125 plan administration
11. Transamerica 401K plans customized for your business
12. ETF plans
13. Retirement account advisor

Zulfi Tech’s safety and loss control services are designed with you in mind. Our OSHA trained Risk Management professionals can help you to control exposure to work comp related losses and costs, minimze future liability, and improve employee safety and satisfaction. We use programs that are focused on compliance, awareness, education and participation. When employees are safe, everyone wins!

1. Risk avoidance
2. Review of job duties
3. Accident investigation
4. Fast, on time claim reporting
5. Safety inspections
6. Safety committees
7. Implementation of the Scoop safety mobile app, tailored for your company safety program
8. OSHA regulation compliance assistance
9. OSHA 10 compliance
10. HAZMAT training
11. Access to safety manual
12. Site visit evaluation assistance
13. OSHA violation review
14. Safety training and topics for tool box talks
15. Helping our clients recognize and act on OSHA serious injury, illness and fatality type incidents

1. Helps control and reduce costs
2. Centralized claims processing which can reduce administrative needs and increase efficiency
3. End-to-end processing of claims
4. Representation on UI administrative hearings
5. Advice for best practices in UI matters (documentation, records keeping, employee rights)
6. Resources and guidance for handling difficult employees
7. Regular auditing of UI benefits reports to protect against incorrect charges
8. Deep knowledge of UI laws in the states we operate in to better process claims
9. Generate reports of former employees collecting UI (for purposes of getting them back to work)
10. Complete quarterly wage audits for states to protect against fraudulent charges

Zulfi Tech’s HR administration services help you manage your employees. Our solutions are meant to enhance, not replace your existing HR personnel, policies and procedures. If your company isn’t large enough to encompass an HR Department, we can help to fill that void. We understand that regulatory compliance can be confusing. Knowing which laws apply to your company, and how to comply can take up time and resources that are better spent elsewhere. Zulfi Tech is here to help.

1. Assistance with immigration and naturalization service compliance (including I-9 and E-Verify)
2. Assistance with independent contractor evaluation
3. Legal research and dispute resolution assistance
4. Compensation, administration and compliance with FLSA and state wage and hour laws
5. Guidance with general employment situations and concerns, such as EEOC, ADAAA, ADEA, FMLA and CRA
6. Development or review of employee manual, policies, procedures, and guidelines
7. Salary review and market comparisons
8. Sexual harassment and discrimination training (employee and managerial)
9. Background checks
10. Drug testing compliance documentation, DOT testing, DMV screening